The unprecedented global crisis caused by the pandemic is a wake-up call that demonstrates nature’s ultimate power over lives and societies; the urgent need to respect and safeguard the environment. Global environmental emergencies such as climate change and biodiversity loss could cause social and economic damages far larger than those caused by the pandemic. There is an opportunity for the world to put solutions in place that will help tackle the current emergency effectively and strengthen the system to better respond to any future crises – whether pandemics or disasters.

In order to build a resilient future, a return to business-as-usual, environmentally destructive investment patterns and activities have to be avoided. Adopting solutions that are sustainable, financing the sustainability agenda, creating green jobs, facilitating the transition to a carbon neutral future, slowing biodiversity loss, increasing circularity and inclusivity are key priorities to accelerate the transformation. The continuity of human presence in this world depends on these solutions that require major efforts and a high expenditure towards integrity of the ecosystem for future generations.

The 16th Sustainability Summit will bring to fore captivating deliberations and intellectual insights that will inspire in creating a movement to deliver ambitious actions for a resilient future. It will emphasize on the interactions and interconnectedness between elements of physical, social, natural and human capital.

The Summit will build discussions on importance of green finance, science and technological innovations that will step up actions for a green and inclusive recovery.


imgFinance for Sustainable Growth
imgClimate Change: Road to COP26
imgAction for Preserving Biodiversity
imgBuilding Resilience through Technology
imgReporting and Disclosures
imgWomen Leading Sustainable Development
imgProtecting Marine Ecosystem
imgBuilding a Sustainable Enterprise
imgClean Transport
imgResponsible Recruitment: Critical Role in Sustainable Development
imgSustainable Value Chain
imgClean Air
imgWater Security
imgRace to Zero
imgMainstreaming ESG
imgIndia Plastics Pact
imgRoadmap for Building Deforestation Free Supply Chains
imgTransition to Renewable Energy - Policy and Implementation Approaches for 2030


Date & Time (IST)

11-12 noon

12-1 pm

1:10-2:10 pm

2:10-3:10 pm

3:20-4:20 pm 4:20-5:20 pm

5:30-6:30 pm

6:30-7 pm

2 September

Login Inaugural: Building a Resilient Future Building Resilience through Technology Break Building a
Sustainable Enterprise
Responsible Recruitment: Critical Role in Sustainable Development Break Women Leading in Sustainable Development Finance for Sustainable Growth Break Climate Change: Road to COP26
Sustainable Value Chain Roadmap for Building Deforestation Free Supply Chains
Virtual Exhibitions
Virtual B2B meetings
3 September

10:30-12 noon

12-1 pm

1:10-2:10 pm

2:10-3:10 pm

3:20-4:20 pm 4:20-5:20 pm

5:30-6:30 pm

6:30-7 pm
India Plastics Pact (IPP) Launch Race to Zero Break Transition to Renewable Energy – Policy and Implementation Approaches for 2030
Water Security Break Action for Preserving Biodiversity Protecting Marine Ecosystem Break Circular Economy: Building Partnerships for the Transition Concluding Session
Reporting and Disclosures Accelerating Markets-based Measures and Sustainable Business Models for Clean Air Clean Transport Mainstreaming ESG
Virtual Exhibitions
Virtual B2B meetings


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